Associació Catalana per la Pau (ACP)

ACP is an organization committed to transforming the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations and to achieving fairer social structures, the full expression of individual and collective rights and the eradication of poverty.

ACP was created in 1990, driven by a group of men and women, linked to various organizations and social movements committed to the struggle for peace and disarmament and the transformation of North-South relations on the planet.

ACP works to enable all people to exercise the rights that guarantee their dignity. It does so through instruments such as cooperation for development, humanitarian action, education and awareness, social mobilization and political advocacy.

In Catalonia, ACP joins synergies and shares efforts with other organizations and institutions that also demand a more just and supportive world. In the countries where ACP develops its projects, it does so jointly with civil society organizations, committed to the creation and strengthening of the social fabric.

International Action for Peace (IAP)

IAP is an organization that promotes the integral respect of Human Rights and the construction of a Culture of Peace through International Accompaniment in Colombia to social organizations that defend Human Rights and Education for Development.

IAP was created to contribute to the construction of a Culture of Peace, based on two main tasks: International Accompaniment to social organizations defending Human Rights and education and awareness to promote a critical and responsible global citizenship.

In the coming years, IAP aspires to consolidate safe spaces for the defense of Human Rights, in which all social organizations working for Peace in hostile environments can freely develop their activities. At the same time, IAP works to establish ties of International Solidarity that allow us to advance towards societies free of violence and injustice.